Support IC card and EMV card
Price $200
Listing ID #123456
Interface Audio headphone jack and USB OTG (Android)
Certifications EMVL1&L2
Compatibility ios series,Android
Working power li-ion battery power
Battery capacity 120mAh/200mAh
Power on Current 5.57mA(Including LED lights 2mA)
Card thickness 0.76~1.2mm
Working Hours It can continuous operation the IC card for more than 6 hours. For example a transaction needs to send 40 APDU commands, in a fully charged condition, it can trade a thousand times , good performance phone will be faster.

The iMixPay_LM Magnetic Stripe and IC Card combo Reader is for mobile phones and tablets. It communicates with mobile devices through the audio headset jack,,mini USB and USB OTG. Use your mobile device to read a variety of magnetic stripes or IC cards, include credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, and ID badges. This Specification provides detailed information about iMixPay, include key features, specifications,phone compatibility etc.

Various interfaces: Audio headphone jack, mini USB interface ,USB OTG (Android)
Security&easy: Secure algorithms, hardware encryption, hardware match perfectly with client,pay just a brush
Multiple protection: DUKPT, 3DES key management
Concise image: Professional design, compact and stylish.
Certification: Accord with PBOC 3.0,EMV 4.3 standard
OEM customization: Look, Color and LOGO etc.
customizded Convenient and efficient: No external power supply,plug&lay,Support IOS, Android
Charge performance: Support two-way charge, bit error rate is extremely low
support mobiles
Price $200
iOS serial: iPhone、iPad、iPod、iTouch
Motorola: Droid、MB525、MB860、MB861、ME525、ME865、Milestone、MotoA953、XT502、XT702、XT860、XT910、XT912、MT887headphone jack and USB OTG (Android)
Samsung: I897、SPH-P100、GT-P5110、GT-P6200、GT-P6800、GT-P7510、GT-I5510、GT-I9000、GT-I9001、GT-I9003、GT-I9070、GT-I9100、GT-I9100T、GT-I9108、GT-I9300、GT-S5302、GT-S5360、GT-S5660、GT-S5830、GT-S5830M、GT-S7562、GT-N7000、GT-N7100、Galaxy Gio、Galaxy Nexus、Nexus S、Nexus S 4G、SCH-I800、SGH-I727、SGH-I747M、SGH-T959、SGH-T999、SHW-M250S、SHW-M250L、SHV-E170K、SHV-E210S、SC-06D、GT-l9268、GT-I9508V、GT- S7898、GT-I9128、SM-N9008、GT-I9158、SM-G3508、GT-I8258、SM-G3588V、 I9500、I9502、I9505、C101、L720、I9308、I939、I9260、I9100、I9128i、 I9082、I8580、I8552、I8190、G3508i、G3509、G3509i、G3812、G3818、 G7108、N9009、N7108、N7105、N7102、s6812i、s6812c、n719、I9082C、 I9220、nexus 7、I9100g、I9103、I8262d、nexus、galaxy nexus、nexus s、SCH- I879 etc....
Sony: LT18a、LT22i、LT26ii、SO-03D、ST18i、ST25i、S39H、S36H、M35H、M35T、M35C、LT25C、LT18I、xperia S
Huaweipower: MediaPad、S8600、U8860、U8800Pro、U9510、G630-T00、T8951、T8833、G520-T10、Y618-T00、Y523-L076、P7-L07
LG capacity: KU5400、LU6200、Optimus L-01D、F240S、NEXUS5、P769
Google: Nexus-S
Xiaomi: MI-ONE Plus、M1 mini、MI 2、MI 1S
Lenovo: A60+、P700i、A670t、A820t、A390t、S810t、A630t、S658t、A688t、A358t、A380t、A880
Philips: W632、T3500
Coolpad: 7019、7019A、7230、7266、8190Q、8017-T00、8017、8702、8729、8070D、
ZTE: V880、U818、U795+、U807N、U960s3、U935、U819、Q507T、U880E
Fly: IQ245 Plus

A、A battery shall not be stored at temperatures in excess of 45℃.Stored at less than 35℃ is recommended

B、Stored at less than -20℃ can deform the plastic parts and may cause a leakage

C、To prevent self-discharge caused by corrosion or decrease of insulation,hunmidity during storage shall be less than 85% RH without dewing on battery

D、Do not place near the boiler or radiator,nor expose to the direct sunlight